Where is my message?!?

We occasionally have people inform us that they released a message from quarantine, but it does not show up in their inbox.

Almost without exception the problem results from a second level of spam protection. MX Guarddog does an excellent job of stopping spam, having additional spam protection on your server or email application can lead to confusion. If MX Guaddog is protecting your domain, you should follow our best practices to ensure we are able to reliably deliver email to your server.

Here are some of the problems that have been found with missing messages after being released from quarantine:

  • Anti-spam filters on destination email server, if MX Guarddog thought the message was spam your local filters may also. Turn your local spam protection off or check your quarantine/junk folder.
  • Client filters, make sure you don't have a filter setup that is causing the messages to be redirect or deleted.
  • If you have spam protection on your desktop (MS Outlook does by default) you need to turn it off or check what your system is doing with messages that are suspected spam (junk folder?).

If your email was deleted, rejected or quarantined by your email server you can request MX Guarddog to release a duplicate copy of the message from quarantine. MX Guarddog retains all quarantined mail for a minimum of seven (7) days from the date we received the message.

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