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Email is a company's #1 communication channel, yet 98% of all email traffic on the Internet is SPAM.

Your inbox?
You need MX Guarddog!

A recent study shows a typical office worker spends 1.5 - 2 hours a day going through e-mail, much of which is SPAM.

SPAM takes productivity and dollars out of your organization ever year. If your organization is not protecting itself with a quality email protection you are losing worker productivity with every SPAM email that makes it into their inbox.

SPAM protection providers know the high cost of SPAM on an organization. Other companies charge a fortune to protect your email systems. MX Guarddog has been founded on the simple fact that SPAM protection systems are too costly, so now we are giving it away.

We built our SPAM protection system, now we are giving it away.

MX Guarddog's protection systems have no financial cost, none, zip, zero, nada! There is no hardware to purchase, no software to purchase, install or maintain. Our service is 'paid for', by placing a text link on your website (any website, any page) and we will filter your email allowing only the clean email into your users inbox for an instant productivity gain.

It is just that simple.

No changes are required to your organization's existing email infrastructure. MX Guarddog develops, hosts, maintains, and protects your email system in exchange for a simple text link. There is no catch, we do not include any advertisements or modify your messages in any way.

If you have been pricing email protection systems then our offer seems too good to be true... but it is real. Have your email administrator read our technical specs, our service is of the absolute highest quality and with no commitment you have nothing to lose.

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