General Questions

What does MX Guarddog do?

MX Guarddog is a SaaS (Software as a Service) anti-spam and anti-virus solution for email. We protect a domain from incoming email-borne threats such as spam, phishing attacks and viruses.

The service is activated by an email administrator or postmaster for a domain. MX Guarddog is intended for people who own or manage their own domain. If you are trying to protect a gmail, hotmail or other free email service you are not able to take advantage of MX Guarddog's email security solution.

What is My Account?

Every email address that is protected by MX Guarddog has it's own personal section of our website. You can login to an area called My Account. From My Account you can view your personal messages in quarantine, these messages are spam, bulk mail and messages infected with computer viruses.

You can also set your personal preferences such as enabling or disabling spam protection, changing your password, choose a language, set quarantine report options and preview messages from your personal real-time quarantine list.

Can someone else read my email?

MX Guarddog processes messages in real-time, the process normally takes 1 or 2 seconds. Messages that pass through our systems are scanned for unwanted and harmful message content, the entire process is performed without human intervention. Legitimate email is not stored on MX Guarddog's servers, messages are passed directly to your email server for delivery to your inbox. No one has access to your legitimate email as it passes through MX Guarddog, not even the email administrator.

Bad mail is held in quarantine, while messages are in quarantine they may be viewed by yourself, and the email administrator for your domain.

Can I view quarantined email without logging into the My Account?

Yes, all new accounts are setup to receive quarantine reports by email, reports are sent out once per day (you can increase or decrease the frequency of the reports).

Quarantine reports allow you to review recent messages stopped before reaching your inbox. From a quarantine report you can preview message content and optionally release a message for delivery to your inbox.

What is a Quarantine Report?

A quarantine report is an email sent out to every protected user of our email security service. The quarantine reports can be enabled or disabled. You can also change the frequency that you receive the reports. Quarantine reports eliminate the need to log into My Account to view messages held in quarantine, since you can review and release messages directly from the email.

What happens when I release a message from quarantine?

When you release a message from quarantine, we send it from quarantine to your server. The process normally takes less than a minute for the message to reach your inbox.

Messages placed in quarantine are held by MX Guarddog for a minimum of 7 days. If you try and release a message after it has expired from quarantine you will be told the message is no longer available.

If you require a duplicate copy of a quarantined message, you can request a second copy by requesting one from your online quarantine list.

If a message released from quarantine does not arrive in your inbox within a few minutes you should read WHERE IS MY MESSAGE?!? for trouble shooting tips.

How long are messages kept in quarantine?

We hold messages in quarantine for a minimum of 7 days, but as long as 14 days - depending on your message volume.

Your messages in quarantine do not require any maintenance, you do not need to delete messages manually - once they expire they will be purged from our system automatically.

How do I ensure messages from my contacts are not placed in quarantine?

Under normal circumstances messages from your contacts will be delivered automatically to your inbox. In the rare case where a messages is incorrectly placed in quarantine you can use the release and whitelist option. The message sender is then placed on your personal whitelist which will prevent future messages from placed in quarantine.

To reduce the chance of a false positive, we suggest you upload your personal contacts list. At the bottom of every quarantine report you will find a link to upload a list of your contacts. MX Guarddog will use your list of contacts to ensure messages are not incorrectly placed in quarantine.

What if spam is still getting through?

MX Guarddog stops 98%+ of all spam for most users. When you do receive spam messages in your inbox you have a couple of options.

  • Your email administrator can implement a block on a specific email address, domain, country or network.
  • You can submit spam to us for further investigation.

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