Terms Of Service

All services provided by IK2 Limited (dba MX Guarddog), through our Internet property at http://www.mxguarddog.com are provided without payment. All services are provided in exchange for text link(s) placment on a public webpage. MX Guarddog agrees to provide services in exchange for one or more text links provided by you (the client).

A link's value will be determined by MX Guarddog. Sufficient links must be established and maintained by client in a license pool to fulfill licensing requirements set by MX Guarddog based on services requested by client.

Client must place and maintain requested text links on publicly accessible web pages. Private websites, password protected web pages, and pages with no publicly accessible inbound links can't be accepted. Links must be visible at all times by all web site visitors; links cannot be hidden with style sheets, javascript or any other technology. Failure to maintain text links in accordance with these terms will demonstrate a failure to adhere to the terms of service and may result in termination of service without warning or notice.

MX Guarddog will provide, to the best of their ability, the highest level of service as defined in our Service Level Agreement. MX Guarddog's does not offer support to individual end users, support requests will only be accepted from a domain administrator/postmaster.

No client will attempt to maliciously harm, write code that will harm or cause any issues to the servers and resources maintained by MX Guarddog. All services can be revoked, removed, discontinued, or suspended at anytime without notice.

Clients must also keep account and contact information up-to-date, providing incorrect or invalid information, for any reason may result in termination of service without warning or notice.

It is the sole responsibility of each client to periodically check and adhere to the terms of service for any changes. MX Guarddog is not required to notify clients of changes to these terms of service, though we may at our discretion do so via email, mail, or phone depending on sole preference.

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