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We are able to provide support services in English only.

Having trouble getting mail?

Check out our page on Troubleshooting Email Delivery, it goes over the most common problems we see.

End User Support

If you are an end user (your email is filtered by MX Guarddog), and you are having any issues with spam filtering, whitelisting, accessing your account, or questions why a specific email may have been placed into quarantine please contact your email administrator. For security purposes, MX Guarddog is only able to discuss support issues with the domain administrator for technical related issues.

Postmaster / Domain Admin Support

If you are the domain administrator and need assistance with configuration, or issues related to service please contact the MX Guarddog Postmaster at postmaster@mxguarddog.com.

If you contact us from an email address that does not work, you should not expect a reply... So please include a contact email address that is working.

Unwanted SPAM Received

If your email is protected by MX Guarddog, and a message has slipped past our SPAM protection systems please send us the email. By analyzing email that is SPAM, but has not been detected as such we are able to further enhance our systems. Messages can be forwarded to spam@mxguarddog.com, please ensure you send the SPAM message as an attachment as only when it is sent as an attachment does it retain all the routing information we need to trace the email.

We Are Blocking Your Email

If you are attempting to send a message to one of our clients, and it is being rejected by the MX Guarddog servers in error please contact the MX Guarddog Postmaster via email at postmaster@mxguarddog.com.

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