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What is My Account?

MX Guarddog maintains a web interface for every email address that is protected by our hosted spam & virus solution. The My Account page allows users to view quarantined spam and viruses filtered by MX Guarddog.

Based on settings defined by your administrator, spam and virus infected email is automatically placed into your personal quarantine. Legitimate email is forwarded to your email inbox.

You can access My Account to view your quarantined email, release messages from quarantine, manage your personal contacts (email white list), set your desired preferences and change your password.

Each user has the option to enable spam protection, or disable spam protection and allow all messages to pass through without inspection.

With spam protection enabled, users can decide if they want messages identified as spam to be placed into quarantine or have them tagged as spam and forwarded to their inbox for further processing.

Users who wish to have messages placed into quarantine can elect to have quarantine notifications sent, which provide you with a digest notification of all messages that have recently been placed into quarantine. Quarantine notifications can be disabled, or sent out on a variety of schedules.

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