What Happens to the Email Addresses That I Don't Subscribe To?


I have a few domains that have multiple email addresses, but only need to filter a few that are getting bombarded with spam. If I change my MX records to route all email through your servers, what happens to the email addresses that I have not subscribed for filtering?


When a domain is protected by MX Guarddog, the MX records for your domain direct all email for your domain to our servers. Since MX records control the flow of email for your entire domain, not just specific recipients, we will receive and process all email for your domain.

In order protect your email server and network from viruses and DDOS attacks we reject all mail sent to an invalid recipient. Messages to old staff, totally made up email addresses, or addresses you have not defined with us will be rejected when delivery is attempted to our servers.

It is important when using MX Guarddog to protect a domain, that you define all valid recipients with us. Any senders that attempts to deliver a message to an address that is not known to us it told the recipient is not valid and we do not accept the message.